Lolo Valentine Exceptional (LVX) Hair Care .
At LVX- we believe your hair deserves nothing but the best ,which is why we take pride in formulating our hair growth products with 100 percent natural ingredients.


Stimulate hair growth with our unique natural blend of plants, herbs  and seeds so you can achieve stronger, thicker  and longer hair.


Strengthen hair strand so hair will be less prone to breakage and damage 


Restore and rejuvenate dull looking strands into luscious moisture rich hair 

Grow thicker , longer, luxurious hair with LVX.

LVX- was created after experiencing severe hair loss due to being pregnant.  It was bad enough that my hair barely grew past neck length for years. Now I was losing more hair and my edges were almost completely gone.

Out of frustration, I took things in my own hand and used my educational background in research and went on a mission to find natural ingredients that would restore my hair back. 

. My hair was already prone to excess shedding and breakage so I wanted to avoid using any chemicals by all means necessary.  

I discovered the powerful  impact plants, seeds and herbs have on restoring and growing hair . I knew that was exactly what my hair needed .

In fact, my hair became super thick and grew quickly.  I always wanted thick long hair but didn’t think it was possible  until i started using LVX hair care products.

Try it today and watch your hair grow exceptionally long and thick. .

Hair Growth Products

 LVX Aloe Hydrating Mist

Aloe hydrating mist – is the first step in keeping your hair hydrated. It is formulated to keep your hair moisturized, less  detangle and stronger .

 LVX Mango buttercream- our luscious buttercream is packed with vitamins, minerals and rich nutrients designed to stimulate hair growth, reduce breakage and shedding. 

LVX Hair Growth Oil – our nutrient rich oil is formulated to help you achieve healthier  longer and thicker hair. It helps stregthen  revitalize and soothe the scalp.

LVX Hair Growth and moisture bundle –  Are  tired of dealing with dry hair ? You tried everything and nothing seems to work.
Well you are in luck with our Hair Growth and Moisture bundle .

No sulfates . No paraben. No phthalates. No mineral oils. No Artificial fragrance. No petroleum products. No Artificial colors. No animal testing.

Store Policy

Orders- will be processed 7 to 10 days after purchase . Once your order is processed and shipped, you will receive a tracking number.

Refund: - We do not accept returns under any circumstances due to the nature of our products.